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Nolli, AKA Maurice Rubio-McMillon
Nolli working on street art, 2005
Nolli working on Lil' Feet Boot Design
Nolli and Michael Rodriguez working together in 2010

Meet Nolli

Pronounced as Nahl-lee

All my life I've been involved in the visual arts on the Treasure Coast of Florida. From being a volunteer face painter for the Jazz & Blues Festival in Fort Pierce at the age of 12 to introducing the first resin art toy to our arts community at age 35. 


Through strong, emotionally impactful narratives and visuals, I've won hearts, minds, and awards over my lifetime.


In 2017, I graduated from Indian River State College with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and visual communication. Then, in 2021 I left my full-time job to live the dream of being fully involved and engaged with the arts community. Since then, I've primarily worked as a freelance graphic designer, but in 2022, I briefly taught 2D art at Dan McCarty Middle School. 


At the beginning of the school year, I suffered the loss of my adoptive mother, Mary Black, prompting my resignation at the end of the semester. In early 2023, as part of my grieving process, I penned and later self-published my first novel, Damn Boy George & Thanks for the Heartbreak!

The Heart-Sleeve Monologue

The Life Of An Interracial, Gay Artist Living In Florida

Here, as my most real, authentic self, I discuss creative projects and personal, life experiences with no filters. Readers, be warned. 

Your Next
Favorite Book

Damn Boy George & Thanks for the Heartbreak! Novel Mock-up

Themes in this book include: Interracial,
Multi-Cultural People, LGBTQ+ Romance, 
Coming-of-Age, and Suicide.

An LGBTQ+ Story You Won't Be Able To Put Down

On June 19, 2023, I published my first novel, Damn Boy George & Thanks for the Heartbreak! 

It's 13 chapters of REAL LIFE experiences told through the eyes of a fictional character named, Siddael 'Aswad as he endures an awkward night showcasing a work of art that is unexpectedly ill-received. 

As the night progresses, Sid encounters a mysterious couple that is intrigued by his art. Conversations, laughter, and tears through the night reveal a deeper connection between him and the strangers, leading to a moment of long-awaited understanding and forgiveness.

The Art of Nolli

A Mixed Reaction

I dabble in all mediums, but the majority of my work is digital. photo manipulation, illustration, typography, collage – all influences of the time we live in and the tools most readily available and affordable to us. 

When I create artwork, it's usually a cathartic experience. I play my sad songs, reflect on life experiences, and lay images and colors on top of one another, adding little details here and there, until the image reflects my feeling. 

Some works are less about my feelings and more about my dreams – either their realization or the loss of them – while others are born out of challenges, random conversations, or spontaneous ideas.

The K-12 Art Room

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Florida Certified K-12 Art Educator #1359808

Bachelor's of Science :: Graphic Design

0.5 Years Of Experience In The Classroom

25 Years Of Experience In The Visual Arts


INVADE is an acronym for Intro to Visual Art And Design Experiences. This is a curriculum-development project that incorporates multi-discipline skills and social-emotional learning into visual art projects that are engaging, skill-progressive, reflective, and fun for students.

I'm developing this curriculum for 6-12th grade (chronological ages 11 - 18) based on my first-year experience, budget, time constraints, observations on behavior, and student feedback.

From The INVADE Blog
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