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The Elias Project

The Elias Project

June 1, 2022

Collectible, Exclusive Resin Sculpture
Nolli – The Creator, 2022

The Elias Project is my first major contribution to the Treasure Coast Arts Community. After 16 years of inspiration, months of planning and weeks of painting, Elias is finally ready to be released on the Treasure Coast. The project is here to introduce the art toy medium to our community. It celebrates the urban art scene combined with one of the internet’s favorite topics – crazy cats. They’re funny, grumpy, moody, high energy, petty, and probably mind controlling us, but we sure do love ’em, right?

While the Elias sculpture is imperfect, it’s the first original resin art toy that I am releasing with the intention to refine it through each series while demonstrating the versatility and imaginative fun that the form provides to artists and adoring patrons. Ultimately, Elias will become the first art toy platform for other artists to express themselves.

9 Lives | 9 Editions

Elias’s first release consists of nine unique characterized figures. Each one was designed and painted by yours truly, but inspired by various experiences, influences, and cultures that came to mind during my time bringing this project into reality. The designs in Series 1 are each open editions, so when one sells, a new one of the same design, but with its own uniqueness, may pop up to take its place.

Series 1 began as a self-initiated challenge to create nine editions without alterations to the sculpture or any additional props. The challenge was to demonstrate how paint alone could change the form’s appearance and breathe a different life into each character.
As a result, Series 1 is appropriately named…

Series 1 – To Skin A Cat

Elias is one cat with many lives, each teaching observers a lesson and leaving a mark that defines him. One of the greatest questions we seek answers to about our individuality and identity are explored through his many lives. We are defined as the meeting place between who we believe we are and who others expect us to be. In the middle ground, where internal motivation and values meet external expectations and biases is where we find our identities.

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