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Con the Crow

Con the Crow

November 26, 2014

Con the Crow

Digital Illustration & Sculpture, 2015-16

Con the Crow was created as part of the Creative Grab Bag (Bodnor) challenges. The challenge was to create a sculpture, and I took it very, very seriously. I have a real love-hate relationship with sculpting, but at the time of doing this project, I had not sculpted anything in years, so I wanted to really put forth some effort.

I started off brainstorming by thinking, “What could I make that I would like to buy if it were available?”, and that lead me to thinking about designer toys, the likes of those available from places such as Kid Robot and My Plastic Heart (NYC). Specifically, Okkle‘s Bloodwing Birdlett – a designer toy I came across at My Plastic Heart on my first visit and was denied purchase. I’ve never gotten over that.

Okkle’s Birdlett design was innocent, cute and a great base; with a little tweaking I envisioned a Nightmare-inspired version of my own. I applied design traits from the Nightmare character I developed in an earlier project to Okkle’s Birdlett design and created… Con – an intelligent, cunning, and manipulative animal spirit.

The resulting sculpture was intense, and something that I am still very proud to have created.

Con stands roughly 10″ tall.

"It’s like the Darth Vader of birds." – Debbie Kraus

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