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Cover feature of Damn Boy George & Thanks for the Heartbreak!


& Thanks For
The Heartbreak!

A Novel By Nolli

About The Book

A Brief Overview

"Damn Boy George & Thanks for the Heartbreak!" is a fictional novel by the author Nolli. The story emerges from a deeply personal and cathartic journey, inspired by the author's own experiences and emotions.


Set on the Treasure Coast of Florida, the narrative follows Siddael 'Aswad, a queer artist struggling with acceptance and self-confidence. The storyline navigates between a real-life coming-of-age tale and fictional events, intertwined with themes of unrequited love, grief, and personal growth.


Through Sid's journey, the novel delves into themes of forgiveness, self-understanding, and acceptance, drawing on Nolli's multicultural background and unique life perspective.


The cover design of the book is rich in symbolism, using visual elements and text to convey the themes of emotional trauma, sexual awakening, and self-discovery. Lyrics from Culture Club's iconic song "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" deepen the connection to Boy George and evoke questions about the relationships depicted in the story.


In essence, "Damn Boy George & Thanks for the Heartbreak!" is a heartfelt and raw exploration of personal history, emotional growth, and the power of storytelling to heal and connect. The novel's creation is a testament to Nolli's resilience, creativity, and commitment to sharing a deeply personal narrative with the world.

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About The Author

Florida-born, Nolli aka Maurice Rubio-McMillon, is a multiracial artist, art educator, and writer. Transitioning from teaching after his adoptive mother's passing, he embarked on a creative journey, culminating in his debut novel "Damn Boy George & Thanks for the Heartbreak."


Delving into themes of racial discrimination, social injustices, human sexuality, and
inner-child neglect, Nolli's writing intricately merges fiction with personal narrative. His enigmatic nature lends complexity to his visual art and writing.


Through shapes, colors, textures, and words, he captures emotions, sparking captivating introspection amid the interplay of love and loss.


Nolli's work reflects societal challenges, fostering conversations that illuminate society's truths through thought-provoking expressions.

A Story Worth 5-Stars

Don't Take My Word For It, Read The Reviews

Incredibly Moving and Personal Story

“This book tells a deeply personal tale that is impossible not to feel. The main character feels human in a way that both provides a new perspective and reflects the reader’s own. It almost feels as much like a journal as it does a novel, baring the soul of the author and in turn forcing the reader to bare their own. I definitely recommend giving it a read!” – D’Spencer

Emotionally Healing

“It was a very relatable story with alot of emotional depth. It has a surprise ending that keeps you thinking long after you finish the story and leaves you wanting more. Good read.” – Cal DuVall

Must Read!

“This book took me on an emotional adventure! I felt like I was immersed in the story and couldn’t stop reading it. Definitely take the time to read it, you won’t regret it. Absolutely recommend!”

– Sergio Perez

“From the 1st chapter, Nolli invites you along this captivating night. He hits every one of your senses and just keeps drawing you further into his story. At the end of this book, I felt a connection to every character. That is the kind of book I love. You will laugh, definately cry, and your heart will grow as his style gives every reader a seat at his table. Every writer has a story, and Nolli has a fantastic one to share. Damn Boy George, you need a copy of this!”

J. H.


"Beautiful story that tore at my heart. Had me on an emotional journey. Felt connected in many ways with the life experiences that Sid went through. Definitely a must read." - Kevin Moya

A REAL queer story that faces the hardest parts of life

"This book will have you standing at the crossroads of race, sexuality, and small-town life. Your heart will warm, break, and heal while making you think about what you value most in life. More than words on a page, this is art and real life." - Madison

Official Review

"The LGBTQ population continues to face discrimination in many nations, which has had disastrous effects and is indirectly to blame for the shocking suicide rates among this community. Persistent prejudice can drive many people to the verge of despair by causing them to feel rejected and hopeless. These unfavorable socioeconomic circumstances restrict people's access to essential support networks in addition to endangering their mental health. Society must promote acceptance, inclusiveness, and understanding in order to address this epidemic. This will also make it safer for LGBTQ people to live and lower the tragic suicide rates that have befallen this community for far too long. The book Damn Boy George & Thanks for the Heartbreak! is a singular novel that sheds attention on the issues LGBTQ people confront and how society could actually do better.
Damn Boy George & Thanks for the Heartbreak! by Maurice "Nolli" Rubio-McMillon is a compelling narrative that brings fresh perspectives on the human condition to the forefront. The story revolves around Sid, a gifted artist on a mission to raise awareness about the alarming rates of suicide among LGBTQ individuals. Despite his introverted nature, Sid bravely presents his unique artwork, "Culture Rebel," at an art auction. This piece, inspired by Culture Club's lyrics, intricately layers words to convey life's complexity and meaning. Sid's heartfelt explanation about the layers of human experience strikes a chord with the audience, especially Becca, who buys the artwork for $10,000 and is eager to hear the story behind the 'culture rebel.' This book weaves together themes of awareness, community, affection, and suffering, making it a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant read, shedding light on the hidden depths within us all. Why did the rebellious art piece have such significance? Get the answers to this question and more in this book.
I adore this book's relativity. The storyline is relatable and raises significant questions about how society views LGBTQ people in general and homosexual men in particular. I've learned to be less prejudiced and more accepting of the LGBTQ community as a result of Sid's narrative. His close bond with Gavin and the way the friendship ended badly for him helped me realize that the people we choose to surround ourselves with may either make or break us. Sid was a role model because he chose to channel his bad feelings from his difficult time with Gavin into motivation to excel academically and as an artist.

I adore everything about this book, including the moral lesson the narrative imparts and the compelling cast of characters. I commend the author and editor for their flawless work. The book is exceptionally edited, and there is nothing I dislike about it. For these reasons, I rate the book five out of five stars. I recommend it to everyone supportive of the LGBTQ community." - Susan John Peter,

Descriptive, Comedic, and Loving

"To say I would have guessed the ending is a lie. This story is a perfectly written entanglement that has you on your feet. Although, you feel like you know what might happen next in each conflict you really don’t. It was like being in a really good haunted house reaching a corner and realizing there is more hallways versus the immediate exit. You are immersed in perfect descriptive language and the setting is written in such a way that you can imagine being there. A-lot of times I felt like I was the main character in the same place with the same feelings. You are taken on a journey of emotions that you can relate to and immediately feel internally. This was definitely a work of art on words that has no words to describe. The comedy in the book lightens up the mood and you get to truly learn about each character through the story without it feeling like you’re on a different path. Making it feel like you have known them before reading this book. Shout out to Nolli the Creator for developing such a masterpiece that he has shared with the world! ” – Manuel Rubio-McMillon

A Favorite Heart Scar

"The story will take you back to a vulnerable time in our lives when we began to explore love outside our families. The excitement, the passion, the beauty, and the breaks. The pages turn you, and they capture the innocence and entanglement of young love with laughter and tears. A beautiful read." - Michael Archangel

Must Read!!

"Great story that pulls at your heart strings. Definitely a relatable story that keep you wanting to read. If your looking for a book that grab the readers attention, this is the book for you." - Bernard Benjamin

Beautiful novel about love, heartbreak, and navigating our complex world

"Damn Boy George & Thanks for the Heartbreak speaks directly to the queerest, most romantic, and most emotional parts of my soul! It is a beautifully honest and vulnerable story about love, heartbreak, and navigating our complex world.

I am hooked on Nolli’s style of writing - I felt myself living the experience alongside Sid, inside his brain and his heart. It is beautifully written, activates my senses, and touches my heart and spirit. The author does a masterful job of weaving in the themes of love, loss, grief, intersectionality, racism, homophobia, joy, art, family, and community.

I want to go out to dinner with Sid and Nico - their love is beautiful, real, and inspiring!

I chose a 5-star rating because this is everything I want in a book. I couldn’t put it down, and when life forced me to, I couldn’t stop thinking about the story. What happened to Sid? Who was the boy in the painting? What made her spend all that money?" - Timothy

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Music Is My Muse

Each chapter of Damn Boy George & Thanks for the Heartbreak! is titled with a song that’s congruent with its intended mood and relates to my personal life. If you have Apple Music, here’s a link to the playlist.

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