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An Experiment In Art, Design, & Social-Emotional Learning


A Word From Mister Nolli

INVADE stands for Introduction to Visual Art And Design Experiences.


It is a curriculum-development project that incorporates multi-discipline skills and social-emotional learning into visual art projects that are engaging, skill-progressive, reflective, and fun for students.

Evolving Art Education

"I'm not creative!"
"I can't do this, I'm not artistic!"
"I can't draw!"
"What do I need art for?"

Students struggle to connect creative problem-solving, recognizing patterns and relationships, and writing letters and numbers with their own inherent needs for self-expression because our system breaks apart vital skills development into subjects as if they exist independently in life.

The art room can change that by bringing it all together under a new perspective.

Redefine Your Perspective

Art is a skill; the ability to do something well.

Design is a plan; the way to do something well.

So, really, this is as much an introduction to visual skills and planning as it is to the preconceived notion of making pretty pictures. That's an important distinction for students to make as it helps them realize that developing their understanding of art is the same as developing a vital communication tool.

INVADE Your Classroom

Try A Project

As I develop activities, lessons, and projects, I will post them on my INVADE blog. Feel free to try them out and let me know how they went. 

Your feedback will help me fine-tune it and eventually create a curriculum for the next generation of art teachers.

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