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How often do you ever get to read someone's journal? The Heart-Sleeve Monologue is basically just that for me, divided into four categories, Just Being Real, Story Time, Design Talk, and INVADE.

Just Being Real 
My opinions and take on personal experiences and professional interactions.

Story Time
The development of characters and narratives for potential books or media. 

Design Talk
Observations, analysis, discussion, and celebration of art and design. 

A creative endeavor to develop an Art and Design curriculum that incorporates social-emotional learning, skills scaffolding, and modern projects that relate to art history.

Damn Boy George
& Thanks for the Heartbreak!

A Novel By Nolli

In my first novel, I use real-life experiences to breathe life into a character that parallels my own, Siddael ‘Aswad.


Sid’s adventure and interactions will entertain and enlighten readers on the rarely expressed perspective of a gay, interracial young man dealing with challenges of loss, sexuality, spirituality, and relationships of all kinds.

If you enjoy my blog, you'll love my book. If you don't enjoy my blog, you'll still love my book because it dives into various topics like culture, race, and identity – themes that affect all of us.

A Spiritual Catalyst Appears

In Unexpected Places For Unexpected Reasons

On occasion, I've been asked to share my beliefs, thoughts and opinions about life, but sometimes I believe the spotlight is meant for someone else and I play a role in helping them to tell their story.


My friends often compare me to a catalyst – something that must be present for a desired reaction to occur. As a result, I end up in the most unexpected places for the most unexpected reasons.

A Soul's Quest Podcast
Hosted by Jesse & Omar Ferreira

In 2021, I was asked to be a soul contributor on the show to reveal my past experiences and lessons on air. It was an eye-opening experience as I began to realize that my raising had as much to do with positioning my mindset for an intolerable world as it was being brought up to accept differences between myself and others.

Brain Flow Radio
Hosted by Angie Tabio

This radio talk show, WNN 1470 AM, discusses mental health strategies for overcoming life challenges. I met Angie while on another program, and she invited me to speak on her show. On October 24, I pushed my mom to take the spotlight in the wake of the death of her cousin, Cheryl A. Hutchinson.

Brainflow-Radio-10-24-21Brain Flow Radio
00:00 / 54:24

In Loving Memory of
Cheryl A. Hutchinson

September 24, 1977 –
October 5, 2021


The Brooklyn Cafe TV Show
95.3 FM / 1470 AM

I appeared on this streamed show a total of three times with my friend, Christel Jules, to promote the Treasure Coast International Film Festival. Unexpectedly, I ended up promoting SLC Lil' Feet, and was there as an emotional support agent for Christel as she advocated for awareness of rarely talked about medical conditions from which she also suffers.

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