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December 2, 2010

Digital Illustration, 2013

Kronos is a fan character I made up in the style of Transformers Animated. I’m a HUGE Transformers fan and have been since I was 6-years-old. One of my biggest pet peeves over the Transformers Universe is that new characters rarely take the spotlight, with the exception of Generation 2 and Beast Wars.

In order for Generation 2 to happen, Hasbro literally killed off the original Transformers cast in the self-titled movie, The Transformers (1986). It wasn’t long before Optimus Prime was brought back to life in the subsequent Gen 2 TV show though, and ever since he’s been a leading character in one way or another.

So, in my fan fiction world KRONOS here was to be a herald of Unicron, the destroyer god in the Transformers mythos. Since Unicron’s physical form was destroyed in the ’86 movie, KRONOS has been on a gallant search for Unicron’s essence, which had unintended consequences for KRONOS – by seeking out and absorbing Unicron’s essence, he is transformed into Unicron slowly. He also developed a new power, an insatiable hunger that causes him to devour mech-lifeforms and absorb their unique abilities.

KRONOS features a Decepticon emblem chest plate and color-scheme.

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