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September 1, 2017

In 2016, I took part in a series of creative challenges found in the book, The Creative Grab Bag by Ethan BodnarThe challenge was to develop a poster, and I instantly envisioned an Art Deco themed piece. Taking design inspiration and ideas for textures from French artist, Adolphe Mouron Cassandre, and then themes from tea and coffee culture, I created the Tea Guru for my poster, MediTEAtion. I later translated the Tea Guru into other pieces.

UPDATE (11/4/17): Check out Be Boun-TEA-ful, the latest painting in the MediTEAtion series, created for a fundraiser donation to PACE Center for Girls.

UPDATE (3/2/19): I revisted the Tea Guru for entry into a Peacock Arts District contest; featured image.

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