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Shards of Love

Shards of Love

May 26, 2015

Shards of Love

Digital Art & Illustration, 2016

This piece was a derivative of The Mending Heart. Sort of like an inverse version, except that this piece focuses on what kinds of love (as defined by the Greeks) exist, and thus can break your heart. This concept arose from a conversation about the word love and how he could only ever ascribe one concept to the word, being that it was only meant in a romantic form when issued from someone non-familial. I argued that there are other forms of love and researched it to find at least 6-definitive forms that the Greeks recognized: EROS, AGAPE, PHILIA, LUDUS, PRAGMA, PHILAUTIA (yes! magazine).

The six shards in the piece represent those six variations of love. The more important feature of the illustration though is a question posed by the missing shards, and the image created by the fractured remnants:

"Would the heart event exist if not for having been broken?" -Nolli

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