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Tag the Bunny

Tag the Bunny

May 14, 2015

Tag the Bunny

Digital Illustration, 2015

Following-up the Con project, Tag is based on one of my earlier characters, DayDream. Since Nightmare – the inspiring character for Con, has sharp angles and shapes as well as a dark color scheme, I modeled Tag after DayDream, highlighting large, rounded shapes as well as a lighter color scheme.

Like DayDream, Tag is more than he seems. His eye design hints at a sinister intention, yet his jovial form, color and expression relay a contrary intent. I chose a rabbit to represent Tag for a few reasons. One of the most prominent ones is that he’s somewhat inspired by Frank Kozik‘s Labbit designs. The Labbit is also a designer toy that is popular with art toy collectors. Another reason for choosing a rabbit is that the animal carries many spiritual properties including cleverness, creativity, spontaneity, and – for my purposes – anxiety (Spirit Animal).

Tag, and Con, are both taking on a life of their own as characters in yet another project that I’m still in the early stages of developing.

It’s my intention to eventually build Tag and make resin toys from the sculpt, so stay tuned.

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