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The Mending Heart

The Mending Heart

February 15, 2015

The Mending Heart

Digital Art & Illustration, 2015

I’ve never been a strong painter, but I took on a challenge to do a painting and came up with the idea of a broken heart in layers. The concept is part of my belief structure, that each time we love and lose love, we can never love another person in exactly the same way, but that doesn’t mean that we can never love again – rather that it’s a more distilled, and pure love that we come to feel.

The painting was originally called Shattered Heart, but my boyfriend – soon to be husband (November 2017), Manny, convinced me that I should try to see things more positively in my life. Though Manny was my boyfriend, I was still in a healing process from my last long-term relationship. Manny’s love, encouragement, and positivity inspired me to recreate the Shattered Heart with a strong emphasis on what it takes to truly heal – love.

Time only dulls the memories, helps us to forget, but not truly heal.

"Love mends all that love breaks, has broken, and may break again." – Nolli

The illustration style is romantic, using a handwritten apology letter for texture and colors associated with pain, passion, and intense joy – at the core of it’s being. The depth of color in the piece creates a dimensional depth that is intended to communicate depth of love.

As an added perk, when viewing the piece with ChromaDepth® (American Paper Optics, LLC) glasses, it’s actually 3D.

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