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A+ Creative Events Logo


Jackie Long-McMillon



During the pandemic, many people used their free time to start long-awaited projects or create plans for future business ventures. Fortunately for my employees, I was able to maintain operations at my full-time job – which was great for the College that I work at, but not so great for me to do the same as everyone else; focus on my own goals.

My aunt Jackie was one of those people that took the opportunity to launch something new in her life and she invited me to be a part of it by commissioning her logo design. She approached me with the idea for a business called A+ Creations and told me it was going to focus on event planning for everything from baby showers to corporate events. After some discussion, we changed the name to A+ Creative Events to help her SEO and to communicate more clearly what her business provides.

She agreed and filled out my design questionnaire, which helps me to tune into the desires of a client. After a review of the questionnaire, I knew immediately this was going to be a different logo for me.

Incorporating the “A+” was a challenge because it immediately brought to mind K-12 education. I had to either work around it or use it to the logo’s advantage. The purpose of using “A+” in her business name was to emphasize that her product exceeds expectations. I decided to encircle “A+”, a common convention in K-12, to bring attention to it and emphasize it in the name. Confetti surrounds the circle to add fun and imagination, but it also serves as a visual metaphor. The circle represents a whole-life experience, and the confetti represents the events that happen around our lives. I used dots, circles, stars and moons as the confetti. These represent the different stages of life (larger events) and the in-between times (smaller events) that happen in our lifetimes.

I selected fonts that I felt matched the style that Jackie wanted for her business and built a color scheme around her request for something bright and fun. Misaligned color blocks were added to “Creative Events” to demonstrate an outside of the norm experience one can expect.

Lastly, we created a tag line to add to the business name. It wasn’t a part of the original request, but we believed that a tagline would help drive the point across that the service provided with this company left you with little to nothing to worry about. What we have noticed in our time at different parties and events is that the people who should be enjoying it most are always running around and worried for most of the time. Knowing that your event is in the hands of someone else that you can trust so you can just celebrate is a big deal. We felt people should know that’s what they’re getting with Jackie’s company.

A worry-free celebration that will be memorable for everyone that is a part of it.

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