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Billion Steps Challenge Logo


Healthy St. Lucie, Florida Department of Health



The last project that we were assigned at IRSC as I was finishing my degree in 2017 was to aid in the creation of a logo for the Billion Step Challenge for Healthy St. Lucie. The challenge presented by the organization was to incorporate Healthy St. Lucie’s graphic mark into the logo for the Billion Step Challenge.

Immediately seeing their logo reminded me of wings and my initial idea was to create a winged foot modeled after Hermes, the Greek god of travel. I attempted this and had success, but didn’t feel it evoked a strong enough image.

My professor, Walt Hines did though. He took the logo and set the “2018 Billion Step Challenge” text and added a couple of elements to the original design.

This logo I can honestly say was a team effort, because I didn’t put much effort into the finished product, but Walt did and I appreciate his efforts because it was chosen in late 2017 by the organization to be their logo.

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