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COSA Logo Revision


Council of Social Agencies of St. Lucie County




COSA's Stefanie Meyers approached me back in July 2023 with a request to help make their logo less expensive to imprint on merchandise and easier to read when sized down to 1-inch. The project was greenlit in November 2023, and finally completed in February 2024.

The board members overseeing the project wanted to preserve as much of the original logo as possible, specifically the overlapping three circles that form a Venn diagram. Additionally, the words "Communicate, Collaborate, Coordinate" and the full title of the organization, "Council of Social Agencies of St. Lucie County" were be kept. 

The original logo had a total of 9 colors.

Visualizing The Logo

The title council and knowing a little background about St. Lucie County's social agencies, like the fact that they have round table discussions brought to mind King Author and the Knights of the Round Table. I'd imagine each organization at this proverbial round table banging fists down and advocating for their domains creating vibrations and noise that reverberate towards the center, each of them intersecting and overlapping to find harmony. They each serve some special population, some of which overlap within the scope of their operations, some of which do not, but all of them serving the people.

Bringing The Vision To Life

The new logo transforms the three circles into interlocking rings. All three rings are bound in a greater circle that echoes outward several times to form the logo's containing shape. The Venn Diagram is preserved and illustrates the overlap of scope of work and services, while adding an additional layer of dependence because social work is not an independent system, it relies on many other supports to be effective. The greater circle represents the council itself, encompassing all and giving equal and equitable voice to each through the proverbial round table. 

The core principles of communication, collaboration, and coordination are incorporated in the greater ring, extending from and leading back to the acronym "COSA", which has been pulled down to the bottom of the logo and increased in size to form a solid, stable base for the logo and the agencies that comprise it.

We chose the colors, silver, purple, and navy as opposed to more commonly used colors like yellow, orange, and green to diversify COSA from other social agencies in the St. Lucie County environment. The color palette characterizes imagination, motivation, insight, and decision-making; important attributes for the organizations involved in social work.

The logo was made into four versions for various uses like black and white copies, image overlays, imprinting on apparel, and special occassions. 

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