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Eddie's Barbershop Logo


Self Initiated Project



Part of updating your portfolio in the Digital Media Institute is re-designing local brands, logos, and businesses’ marketing collateral.

I’ve gone to Eddie’s Barbershop (now permanently closed) in Fort Pierce, FL for probably three or four years now. It’s really difficult to find a good barber that can cut ethnic hair and be considered family-friendly. I don’t care too much for locker room talk, a phrase I think we’ve all come to hear a lot as of late, but it’s nothing new. Eddie’s has always been exceedingly friendly, respectful of all the people I’ve watched pass through the doors – black, white, hispanic, man, woman, child, straight, gay, bi-, quentionable… none of the barbers care about what you are, only that you are human and deserving of respect for your existence.

Because of this and more, I’ve always wanted to update Eddie’s logo. It’s a touchy situation sometimes; to offer a redesign is to also call-out someone else’s design as being outdated or worse. I’d never want to offend another designer, however, I like to think of it as brand reimagining, sort of like WHAT IF Eddie’s Barbershop was in existence at the turn of the century and located in lower east-side Manhattan? or Miami? or a small, obscure town like… Fort Pierce?

I decided to just go for it. Eddie’s Barbershop practically designed itself. It called for classic simplicity. Using basic shapes, two-colors and thin accent lines, I literally just reimagined exactly what was already there, and in so doing – classed it up.

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