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Emerging Leaders Logo


Rochelle Popp-Finch, Student Engagement And Leadership Department, Indian River State College



After the success of the Leadership Conference identity, Rochelle Popp-Finch approached me for help again. Rochelle was in the process of branding a program that incorporated the Leadership Conference, but also shifted focus onto involvement on-campus at other events and activities. The program was to be called Emerging Leaders, and she was in need of an identity for it.

All cues for this design were taken from the word emerging. The word was full of imagery on its own – so I focused there to start. I also decided that since this program was more inclusive of all sorts of different types of events, it needed to be more generalized and thematic to IRSC’s culture.

Initially I was envisioning a seed and plant bursting forth, but I quickly scrapped that idea and became fixated on the use of a pearl for metaphorical reasons. The Emerging Leaders Program wasn’t something that a student would be able to complete quickly – rather it was developed to encourage and motivate students to become more involved over time. A pearl is created over time from a grain of sand. The idea that something insignificant can become something of great value over time is a powerful, relational concept that completely described to the program, and the use of a pearl was in perfect alignment to the College’s thematic branding elements – being that IRSC is named after the Indian River and sits in relatively close proximity to it.

So I used a pearl as the central subject of the logo. I added in ethereal ornamentation around the pearl to visually represent the growth of one’s self and co-mingling of one’s self with society – resulting in a pearl of wisdom…

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