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Enchanted Cleaning Service LLC


Erica Rubio



Enchanted Cleaning LLC has been a work-in-progress for a few years, now realized in 2021. Prior to the Pandemic, Erica Cendejas was debating how she could form her own company to do business as an independent agent. Like many, she saw an opportunity to move forward with her ambitions and took action.

After founding the Enchanted Cleaning LLC in June 2021, she was ready to create an identity for her business. An important value for Erica was color. Pastel pinks and purples were the primary colors that she wanted in her logo.

Pastel colors recede in most designs, so I added Pantone Pink C to help the design grab attention. The pastel pinks and purples were perfect in creating an airy, ethereal backdrop for the type. 

The logo incorporates a double heart outline in the background. This served as a unifying shape that gave a body to all the elements. Since the logo has an a-symmetrical design, the outlines also balance the overall graphic. To be honest, the heart outlines began as a kidney shape inspired by the retro motif. The outlines also act as path lines for the fairy.

In addition to the primary logo, I provided a wordmark, secondary logo, and an icon.

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