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Indian River Direct Website Redesign


Indian River Direct



Initially, after reviewing the IRD website, I was under the impression that they were a wholesale fruit company and that their customers were other businesses. After Angela educated me, I came to understand it was very different business than what I was familiar with here in Florida.

IRD picks fruit, nuts and berries from their family and partner farms, then delivers them to northern states, including Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Illinois. They partner with other businesses with large parking lots at each location to able to sell the produce from their trucks. The partner locations and times are advertised in a delivery schedule that is both printed and made available via their website well in advance of the deliveries. These deliveries are made in the Winter and in the Summer, each time featuring seasonal produce available in bulk.

Pretty simple, but the idea was foreign to me and to Angela when she first began working with IRD. A goal that developed out of our conversations was to attract a new generation of customers, which also required that we educate them on the business to have an understanding of how it worked.

So the goal of the website became a clear communication of what Indian River Direct does and how it does it.


"Nolli The Creator was a pleasure to work with! I received answers to my questions in a timely manner and received honest feedback and suggestions on how to make the website looking and working at its finest. The turnaround time on changes and requests was very helpful in getting the website live as soon as possible. Nolli is very professional and developed an amazing, refreshed website product for Indian River Direct. I would highly recommend the company to any of my family or friends."

– Angela Doyle, Indian River Direct

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