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Java Junkie's Coffee Club Logo


Lissa Riley, The River Shop, Indian River State College



While I worked at The River Shop, under Director Lissa Riley, we envisioned all sorts of interesting marketing campaigns, programs and advertising ideas.

One of the ideas that we never moved forward with was the concept of a coffee club called the Java Junkies. The purpose of the club was to keep patrons of the café up-to-date on menu changes, events, and activities happening at the café, while also adding some humor to their email boxes via the Java Junkies characters.

The Java Junkies were a small group of office worker archetypes, and would have been portrayed in each club email as comic-strips that explored office culture and used situational comedy. Each character was modeled after a type of coffee mug, and each mug was chosen based on typical mug-buyer personality types.

When I created the characters, I used a style that was new to me at the time, but later aided me in the development of James the Cat. I also imagined what it would be like to see these characters in an animated form, and moved forward with their development as if they were going to be animated.

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