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Little League Photography





Sports photography is one of my favorite categories of image capturing. For a period of time when I worked at Indian River State College, my department ran concessions at various college sporting events. While there, I used the opportunity to photograph the athletes and use the images to help develop marketing materials and campaigns for the Athletics Department. Many of the campaigns never made it past conceptualization, but the intention and effort was there.

Since the end of my involvement with the Athletics Department at IRSC in 2016, I have not photographed a sporting event. Fast-forward 6-years later to 2022, my cousin’s child, Legend A. Bishop, is 8-years-old and playing in his first little league game for the Moose Lodge of Fort Pierce. I found myself with an opportunity to re-kindle my enjoyment of photographing athletes and support my favorite little 8-year-old.

During Legend’s game, I was approached by a parent of one of the other players, Dyan Serkin. Dyan requested that any images of her son, Hunter – No.8, be shared with her. Since I’m already photographing the kids, I didn’t mind what-so-ever. If I could capture photos good enough of her son to be worthy of a frame, that would be a proud moment for myself.

After Dyan saw the images, she offered to hire me to photograph her other son, Randy – No.14, on the Kiwanis Team. I’ve never been offered payment for photography before, so this was a new venture. I accepted and attended the game, which was cancelled due to a thunderstorm. I attended the make-up game and captured some images of Randy and his team members that I thought were rather good, all things considered.

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