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Sanctuary of the Treasure Coast Logo


Sanctuary of the Treasure Coast



The Sanctury is a non-profit LGBTQ+ community center on the Treasure Coast of Florida that is preparing to seek larger, operation sustaining donations and grants. In preparation for this, the board brought me in to help develop a strategy that would position them appropriately as they sought out sponors. 

As part of the strategy, we didn't want to stray too far from the original design of their logo, especially since the community is just beginning to recognize their identity. The original logo uses a symbol that communicates many facets of the organization quite well; a ship navigating troubled waters. The last year (2022) has proven just how dangerous the waters can get in the state of Florida, emphasizing the need for a safe space for individuals that don't fit neatly into rigid ideas of gender, sexuality, and American identities.

From the original logo, I adopted the iconic ship with its multicolored sails and stressed the intensity of the wave. The wave features a spectrum of colors within it to illustrate that just as we – those who make up the Sanctuary's membership – are varied and unique, so too are the personal, cultural, and societal challenges that we navigate.

Added to the logo is a star, Polaris. Polaris is the North Star, and a symbol of navigation, direction, and exploration with purpose. In many respects, it's the natural compass, free of human interpretation and limited moral judgment, appropriately placed to give us hope and steer us clear of the shortfalls of mankind.

Finally, the new logo reuses the original's rainbow containing box as a representation of LGBTQ+ Safe Space.  

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