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Sweeties Diner Logo


Digital Media Institute, Indian River State College



Another portfolio update for my BAS degree. Sweeties Diner, a restaurant located in Fort Pierce, FL, is one of my favorite local spots for breakfast. I admire how the establishment re-designed the building’s interior to create a 1950s-esque atmosphere. The food and service has always been delightful, so once again – I chose a business that has been good to me for a redesign project.

I captured elements from the interior of the diner such as duo-tone faux leather seats and beveled chrome tables to incorporate into the logo. I created a simulated leather seat back patterned after Sweeties’ existing seats to use for the front of the menu, and I simplified the menu for the sake of the project, adding in photographs of top-picks and using a secondary graphic mark (“SD” Sweeties Diner initials) to call-out Sweeties special food items, those that make it a unique destination.

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