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The Cool Kicks Project

Grade Level: 7-12th Grade

Recommended Developmental Age: 12+

Content Area: Visual Art

Skills Development: Hand-eye coordination, hand dexterity, proper use of cutting tools

Estimated Time to Complete: Expectation is (6) 45-minute class periods.

Associated Lesson: Art History – Low Brow Art Movement (circa 1960 - Present Day)

Project Type: Summative

Florida Standards:

  • VA.68.O.1.3 Combine creative and technical knowledge to produce visually strong works of art.

  • VA.912.C.2.1 Examine and revise artwork throughout the art-making process to refine work and achieve artistic objective.

  • VA.912.S.3.1 Manipulate materials, techniques, and processes through practice and perseverance to create a desired result in two-and/or three-dimensional artworks.

  • VA.912.F.3.4 Follow directions and use effective time-management skills to complete the art-making process and show development of 21st century skills.

  • VA.912.S.3.7 Use and maintain tools and equipment to facilitate the creative process.


  • Pencils

  • Polymer eraser

  • Black permanent markers

  • Coloring pencils

  • Coloring markers

  • Photographic examples of artwork applicable to project

  • Scrap paper for initial brainstorming

  • Cool Kicks Project model design template PDF, printed on card-stock

  • Cool Kicks Project brainstorming worksheet PDF, printed on copy paper as needed

  • Scissors

  • Glue sticks or glue


  • Given a brainstorming worksheet, students will illustrate a minimum of (3) different ideas for artwork with drawing and coloring samples applied to each design making use of 2 of more elements of art.

  • Given a blank shoe design template, students will apply their selected artwork by manipulating it to fit the design of the shoe, then cut out, the template and construct a 3D paper shoe that features 95% of the surface area covered in their design and no less than (2) colors.

Project Instructions:

Students may work alone or in pairs for this project, because most design work requires teamwork.

  1. Following the Low-Brow Art Movement Lesson, tell students that they're going to pretend that they are a promising visual artist and have been asked to create artwork to be featured on a popular brand of shoes. The artwork must use a minimum of two colors and two elements of art.

    1. Spice It Up: If you're students are advanced, then allow them to create project parameters that increase the challenges of the artwork making process; thematic elements, color combinations, art element constraints, etc.

  2. Pass out scrap paper and ask students to begin brainstorming artwork they would like to see on a pair of shoes. (Timed activity, 15-minutes)

  3. As students finish up brainstorming, check their work to be sure they include color concepts, at least two elements of art, and any other class-agreed challenges.

  4. Now, show the students the brainstorming worksheet.

    1. Explain: There are three shoe templates on the worksheet. Students will apply their initial design to at least one shoe and may create a new design for the other shoes or create a different color-wave of the original artwork. Students will have the remainder of the class period and time in the next class meeting to complete the brainstorming worksheet.

    2. Check for understanding.

  5. Pass out the Cool Kicks Brainstorming Worksheet, and ask students to apply their artwork ideas to the brainstorming worksheet. (Timed activity, total of 35-minutes)

  6. When the brainstorming worksheet is complete, check that the students have adhered the project parameters and approve or constructively-reject their design concepts. As 60% of the class completes the worksheet, inform the class of the next task.

  7. Show the students the Cool Kicks Project Template.

    1. Explain: When students have an approved design, they will be given a shoe template. Students are to transfer their chosen design to the shoe template, meeting all project parameters as discussed. Once each students design is transferred, we will watch a video demonstration of the construction process to complete the model.

    2. Check for understanding.

  8. As students complete the design transfers, show the model construction video all the way through one time, then show it in parts as students follow along. (Video run-time 18-minutes, 44-seconds).

  9. Students will complete the model by cutting out the template and gluing the tabs. Before students begin cutting, be sure to remind them NOT to cut off the glue tabs.

  10. Once the models are constructed and completed, then use a space either in the classroom, building, or front office to host an exhibition of your students' creations. Remember to take pictures and please use #NolliTheCreator and #CoolKicksProject to extend credit if you and your students enjoyed this project.

Cool Kicks Project Resources:

Cool Kicks Project Brainstorming Worksheet & Model Template

Cool Kicks_Designer Shoe Template
Download PDF • 111KB

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